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a plastic free manifesto - small steps...

We have always tried to be careful with what we throw away in our huge council refuse bins but it wasn't until a mix up with the the council recycling collection bins that highlighted the horror in just how much recycling waste we as a family (let alone the whole street) had accumulated in 4 weeks.

Recycling is great but what exactly is it that we are putting in those bins, how and where is it being recycled? There are some startling news reports about China refusing to take our (the UK) recycling refuse that we are all beginning to see in the mainstream along with documentaries on the harm plastics are doing to our oceans, could we and should we try to reduce both the refuse and recycling?

Without having to go through our recycling bin it was quite obvious that most of the waste was paper/card, glass with the odd bit of plastic (our council don't recycle much plastic). Not too bad but then we realised that the normal landfill refuse bin contained a lot of un-recyclable plasti…

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