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Mothers Day Photowall gift idea with 20% discount code

Recently I was approached by the Swedish company Photowall to take a look at their products and choose an image that I would like to have printed on canvas. After checking out their website and seeing as Mothers Day is coming up here in the UK, choosing something for my mother seemed like the perfect gift and I knew just exactly which image to use.

When my father passed away, my good friend Polly Raynes who is an amazing watercolour artist and tutor had seen this photo on my Facebook feed of my father, knowing how special a moment it was to me she painted a beautiful watercolour version of it of which I have framed. This seemed like a perfect gift for my mother as she too loved the watercolour, so with Polly's permission I decided this was the ideal image to reproduce.
Using the Photowall website it was really easy to navigate and upload my chosen image, choose whether to have it as a canvas or a wall mural and decide what size I would like. With a simple click, off went my order…

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